Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish with Milk

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Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish is a complete and balanced dry, pet food recipe, rich in protein (for lean muscles) and calcium (for the development of strong bones). A broad range of added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, strengthen the vitals, teeth, fur, skin, immunity and overall health of your pet kitten.

WHISKAS Junior Ocean Fish complete and balanced meal for a kittens vital system that strengthens it from the inside-out. Serve your four-legged friend a bowl of expert-crafted nutrition.


Real Ocean Fish, Poultry, Wholegrain Cereals, Vitamins and Minerals, Antioxidants, Food coloring, Soy bean products, (full fat soy bean, soybean meal) palm stearin, wheat flour, iodised salt, taurine, soy oil, methionine, preservatives, flavour.

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