Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs (300ml)

Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs (300ml)

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Wahl’s Oatmeal Shampoo contains Oatmeal Extract, it being the main ingredient of this shampoo is more on soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing your pet’s skin. It has the property to relieve irritation. Oatmeal has rich antioxidant properties and helps undo the damage done to your skin by pollution, UV rays, and chemicals; so, it’s as good as a nature’s shield for your pet. Coconut Oil and Lime Verbena are the important ingredients that help you achieve a better skin pH balance. Lemon Verbena extracts lower anxiety levels so your pet’s not-so-happy day can be well treated with a pleasant smell shampoo bath. This is also formulated with aloe and lime provide a good source of vitamin C which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body.

Key Features:

100% natural and pet-friendly formulation
Moisturizes dry skin and provides itch relief
pH balanced
Alcohol and Paraben free
Goodness of Coconut, Aloe, and Lime Verbena
Hypoallergenic formula
Oatmeal formula with Coconut, aloe, and lime verbena
Concentrated shampoo - Less is more
Promotes healthy skin and coat

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