Gnawlers Oat Bones Dog Treats - 225 g (25 pcs)

Gnawlers Oat Bones Dog Treats - 225 g (25 pcs)

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Gnawler Oat Bones are scientifically engineered with all food-grade raw materials, no artificial flavors/colors and with adequate levels of calcium. It is easily digestible, cleans teeth and freshens breath. Go ahead and let your furry friend munch away his/her time!

Gnawlers oat bone snack rightly fits in the health routine you may have prepared for your dear puppy
Besides offering a delicious snack, the bone has plenty of healthy elements to offer to your pup
From bone development, healthy skin, good digestion to strengthened immunity, the goodness of oat bones extend to a long range of health benefits
Helps to clean teeth and freshens breath

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