Captain Zack Simply Singapore Freeze- Dried Chicken With Carrot, Mango, Peas And Spinach Dog Treats

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100% Organic & Natural Nutritional Healthy Treats For Dogs Captain Zack’s Simply Singapore Chicken Treats are an Asian experience for your doggies that not only taste great but are loaded with nutrients. That’s because only the finest ingredients are selected to be part of this recipe that delivers a wonderful balance of flavors, textures and essential goodness for your pet.

Helps improve blood pressure
Improves muscle health
Healthy metabolism
Suitable for Dogs of all size, age and breeds
Nutritionally balanced
Key Features:

80% free-range chicken, 20% human-grade fruit, vegetable and herbs and zero
Zero harmful fillers
100% natural
Grain free,
Irresistible taste
Freeze dried & Human Grade

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