Captain Zack Loco For Coco Crunchy Coconut Dog Treats

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"Captain Zack Fresh Freeze-Dried Coconut Treats are crunchy and delicious coconut treats provide a handy go-to snack for any big-boned dog seeking to lose a little weight. Handcrafted at high altitudes in the pristine valleys of the Himalayas, using Yak-milk and Chicken from hormone-free herds raised in chemical-free pastures along with fruit from organic orchards. Captain Zack is helping dogs secure a regular fix of nutrient-rich natural treats and dental chews. Our treats are made with no chemicals or additives, just pure nutrients and love."

Being high in lauric acid means coconut helps bolster a dog’s healthy metabolism, which helps assist in weight loss.
Lauric acid also has a hard-earned reputation for fighting off viruses, yeast infections and ringworm while reducing inflammation, helping aching bones and joints heal a bit quicker. You’d be nuts for not trying it out. An unflinching commitment to great taste and nutritional integrity means
we freeze dry our coconuts because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress its natural flavors and nutritional worth.

Key Features:
Freeze dried treats retain the same nutrition value as fresh fruits while transforming them into light, flavorful, crispy and delicious fruit treats.
Rich In Minerals, Vitamin C and Lauric Acid ,100% Natural & Healthy, Freeze Dried Coconut, Suitable for all Dogs of all Size, Age & Breeds
Human Grade
Training Treats
Minerals and Lauric Acid helps bolster a dog’s healthy metabolism, which helps assist in weight loss.

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