Captain Zack Cheese Please Himalayan Chew Bars Dog Treats

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"Captain Zack Cheese Please Himalayan Dental Chew Bars are made from the purest milk of cows and yaks raised at an altitude of 12000 ft in the pristine and chemical-free surroundings of the Himalayas. Following a traditional recipe by seasoned Churpi makers,
Key features:

They are sun dried for 35 days and smoked for a distinctive flavor and texture
Besides being deliciously tasty, their uneven, natural shape helps keep your dog's teeth clean too
When you will lovingly offer this cheese treats to your beloved canine friend they will enjoy the taste and you will enjoy how long it lasts
Extremely long-lasting
Packed with Natural Protein, Calcium, Omega 3
Its full of goodness just like your beloved companion and you.

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