N&D Pumpkin Lamb and Blueberry Grain Free - Adult Mini

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Get this premium dog food that contains fresh lamb, pumpkin and blueberries. With 60% premium animal ingredients, 40% fruits, veggies and minerals and zero cereal count, you can be assured that you are offering the best in high quality nutrition for your pooch. The low glycemic index and the grain-free and gluten free ingredients aid in digestion.

Key features
A Lamb & Blueberry formula is the new Grain Free line born in Italy with unique nutritional characteristics. N&D Pumpkin uses genuine ingredients to offer your puppy a balanced and complete diet without any cereals or artificial preservatives. 96% of protein from animal origin, 0% artificial preservatives, 0% grains. Lamb is rich essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid with better ratio between lean mass and fat. Vacuum coating system, a unique technology which permits the inclusion of vitamins after cooking giving them longer life.

Lamb 28.00%; Fats and oils 18.00%; Crude fibre 2.90%; Ash 8.60%; Calcium 1.40%; Phosphorus 1.10%; Omega?6 3.30%; Omega?3 0.90%; DHA 0.50%; EPA 0.30%; Glucosamine 1200mg/kg; Chondroitin 900mg/kg.

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