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Purepet Taste of the WildSmoked Chicken

Purepet Taste of the WildSmoked Chicken

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Purepet Smoked Chicken Adult Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet which stimulates your pet’s regular activities keeping them happy and active. It is blended with essential nutrients that help maintain an ideal weight, providing all the health benefits. Purepet is a high quality food , approved by Veterinarians which is suitable for all the breeds.

Key features
a A balanced Adult Dog Food maintains an ideal weight of your pet keeping them active and agile A daily nutrition contains all the essential Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants that boosts your pet's health and vitality It is easily digestible and supports a healthy immune system Purepet is an economical diet that can be served as a whole meal, fulfilling all the nutrional needs of your pet

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